How to use this tool


This tool is meant to be used early on in the process of being evaluated for church planting, and the categories here will continue to be built upon for the whole church planting process in Sovereign Grace. It’s meant to serve both internal candidates (existing members of Sovereign Grace churches) as well as external candidates (those not part of a Sovereign Grace church).

This tool can be used in two important ways:

First, as a self-assessment. This tool can be used alongside personal prayer and study in considering church planting. Where do you think you are in this process in terms of gifting and calling? Where do you feel that you’re strong, and where do you feel weak?

Second, as a tool for assessment by trusted counselors. This tool can be used alongside discussion and outside evaluation. Where do others think you are in this process? What do they see clearly, and where do they have questions? We’d encourage you to walk through this tool with those who know you well, especially with your local church pastors. Look forward to hearing their feedback and questions. This may spark some key discussions that God may use to position you for maximum effectiveness.

What to Expect Before & After You Take the Assessment

The first thing you need to know is that you need to sign-up to take the assessment, you can do that at the end of this page. The entire assessment is not meant to take you long to complete, but you should budget for yourself 20-30 minutes to complete it. Be sure you read the directions below before you just dive right in.

At the end of the assessment, we are going to ask you to provide us with at least two names and email addresses of people that can take the assessment for you. You’ll be able to add as many additional people as you deem helpful.

After each assessment is completed you’ll be emailed the results in order to review and prayerfully consider your next steps in exploring a call to church planting.


• If this is a new tool to you, read over all the sections first to familiarize yourself with the seven traits and how they work together to form a portrait of a church planter.

• Then, read each trait slowly and note places you’ve seen this trait, or a lack of it, in the individual being assessed.

• Assign the overall rating you think is most appropriate for that area, taking into account the various aspects of the trait.

• Make a note of unanswered questions, and plan to discuss them.

• Bear in mind that each section contributes to a cumulative score, and the tool will lead you through assigning a cumulative rating. Trait #2 will be counted twice because a church planter is also a pastor, and his skill and character as a pastor are the foundation for the other gifts and abilities being assessed.

Rating System


    No or rare demonstration of this trait in life and ministry

    Rare to occasional demonstration of this trait in life and ministry

    Occasional to regular demonstration of this trait in life and ministry
    Very Good

    Regular to frequent demonstration of this trait in life and ministry

    Exemplary demonstration of this trait in life and ministry

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